Karthick Thiyagarajan

Research Fellow, UTS Robotics Institute

Sydney, Australia

Dr. Karthick Thiyagarajan is a Research Fellow at the UTS Robotics Institute, University of Technology Sydney. The key focus of his fundamental and applied robotics research is centred on enabling next-generation autonomy of robots operating in the real world through better sensing and perception, with applications to infrastructure condition assessments, assistive technologies, human-robot interactions, and environmental monitoring for the benefit of society, the environment, and industry. He is a Chief Investigator for several research projects funded by industries and competitive blue-sky research schemes. He collaborates extensively with Australian and international industries in developing robot sensing and perception technologies to solve real-world challenges. His robotics research has won several top industry awards, including the prestigious 2020 National Research Innovation Award, the 2020 New South Wales Research Innovation Award, and the 2018 AWA New South Wales Student.

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