Karthick Thiyagarajan

Research Fellow, UTS Robotics Institute

Sydney, Australia

Dr. Karthick Thiyagarajan is currently a Research Fellow at the UTS Robotics Institute (UTS:RI). His current research is in the area of Infrastructure Robotics, with a particular emphasis on the development of intelligent sensing-based perception capabilities for infrastructure robots to aid in the periodic inspection and maintenance of hazardous civil infrastructure environments. He is a Chief Investigator for several research projects funded by water utilities and blue-sky research schemes. He collaborates extensively with Australian and international water industries in developing intelligent sensors and in-pipe robots for the condition assessment of challenging real-world water utility infrastructures. His research on intelligent sensors and infrastructure robotics has won several awards, including the prestigious 2020 National Research Innovation Award, the 2020 NSW Research Innovation Award, and the 2018 NSW Student Water Prize from the Australian Water Association.

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Nalika Ulapane

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