Leonard Matheus Wastupranata

Computing and Processing

Bandung, Indonesia

I am a Computer Science/Informatics student at Bandung Institute of Technology. Due to my expertise in programming and deep learning, I was eager to get a challenging role in Informatics Engineering. My studies have given me extensive proficiency in the use of informatics methods, tools, software packages and engineering techniques. In addition, I have developed good communication skills when presenting to a wide audience at the university through my various organizations and international conference experiences. As such, I am confident that I can make an instant impact in a software developer role.


  • Onboard visual drone detection for drone chasing and collision avoidance
  • UAV Detection using Web Application Approach based on SSD Pre-Trained Model
  • PlagNet: CNN-based Disposable Plastic Bag Conversion Program
  • Penyisipan Jalur Penerbangan UAV Rahasia dalam Media Digital dengan Steganografi Kunci Publik ElGamal
  • Strategi Rute UAV untuk Pengantaran Obat-obatan bagi Penderita Covid-19 saat Isolasi Mandiri dengan Algoritma Cheapest Link & Sirkuit Hamilton
  • Perencanaan Rute UAV Ulang-Alik untuk Mengantisipasi Timbulnya Klaster Kerumunan COVID-19 dengan Pendekatan Program Dinamis
  • Automatic Negative Content Monitoring and Blocking using NSFWJS for Kids Browser Apps
  • Convolutional neural network-based crowd detection for COVID-19 social distancing protocol from unmanned aerial vehicles onboard camera

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