Manesh Thankappan


  • SSL based Webmail Forensic Engine
  • Denoising Multi-coil Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using Nonlocal Means on Extended LMMSE
  • Level Based Anomaly Detection of Brain MR Images Using Modified Local Binary Pattern
  • VoIP Forensic Analyzer
  • Forensic Investigation Framework for VoIP Protocol
  • Image Authentication by Content Preserving Robust Image Hashing Using Local and Global Features
  • Forensic Investigation Framework for P2P Protocol
  • SQLStor: Blockage of Stored Procedure SQL Injection Attack Using Dynamic Query Structure Validation
  • An Improved Approach towards Network Forensic Investigation of HTTP and FTP Protocols
  • Forensic investigation framework for VoIP protocol
  • SQLStor: Blockage of stored procedure SQL injection attack using dynamic query structure validation
  • An improved approach towards network forensic investigation of HTTP and FTP protocols
  • Modified bidirectional DC-DC boost converter fed three-phase four-wire PV-DVR
  • Forensic investigation framework for P2P protocol
  • Forensic framework for skype communication

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