Mathieu Le Breton


  • 2D Phase-Based RFID Localization for On-Site Landslide Monitoring
  • Long-term Monitoring of Soil Surface Deformation with RFID
  • Dense and long-term monitoring of earth surface processes with passive RFID — a review
  • Monitoring snowpack SWE and temperature using RFID tags as wireless sensors
  • Suivi temporel d'un glissement de terrain à l'aide d'étiquettes RFID passives, couplé à l'observation de pluviométrie et de bruit sismique ambiant
  • Landslide monitoring using seismic ambient noise correlation: challenges and applications
  • Monitoring rock displacement threshold with 1-bit sensing passive RFID tag
  • Estimation of snow SWE using passive RFID tags as radar reflectors
  • Soilstab and Evorisk: a web-service and web-platform for landslide and rock-fall hazards monitoring using ambient seismic noise methods
  • Outdoor UHF RFID: Phase Stabilization for Real-World Applications
  • Alteration of volcanic rocks: A new non-intrusive indicator based on induced polarization measurements
  • Passive radio-frequency identification ranging, a dense and weather-robust technique for landslide displacement monitoring
  • Induced polarization of volcanic rocks. 2. Influence of pore size and permeability
  • Induced polarization of volcanic rocks – 1. Surface versus quadrature conductivity
  • Outdoor meteorological effects on UHF RFID phase shift: Experimental simulations
  • Landslide mechanisms unraveled by RFID monitoring with a Machine Learning approach
  • SAR localization of passive RFID tags under snow and vegetation using a mobile reader antenna
  • RFID landslide monitoring: long-term outdoor signal processing and phase unwrapping
  • Partial phase ambiguity solving using dual band for RFID tag localization
  • Tomography of grass bulk permittivity using RFID propagation-based sensing
  • Increased ranging accuracy of RFID tags in ETSI regions using 53MHz wide dual bands
  • Tomography of the quantity of grass using RFID propagation-based sensing
  • Monitoring snow water equivalent using the phase of RFID signals

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