Maxim Friesen


  • Entwicklung einer IT-Sicherheitsinfrastruktur für verteilte Automatisierungssysteme
  • A comparative evaluation of security mechanisms in DDS, TLS and DTLS
  • Pursuing the Vision of Industrie 4.0: Secure Plug-and-Produce by Means of the Asset Administration Shell and Blockchain Technology
  • Reliability-oriented multipath communication for internet-based cyber-physical systems
  • Sichere Middleware-Lösungen für die Industrie 4.0 – Eine IT-Sicherheitsanalyse aktueller Kommunikationsansätze
  • Evaluation of multipath communication protocols for reliable internet-based cyber-physical systems
  • Application of Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning to Optimize Real-World Traffic Signal Controls
  • Towards Real-World Deployment of Reinforcement Learning for Traffic Signal Control
  • Development of an IT security infrastructure for distributed automation systems - Integration of different middleware solutions in a public key infrastructure enhanced by an authorization certificate,Entwicklung einer it-sicherheitsinfrastruktur für verteilte automatisierungssysteme: Integration verschiedener middleware-lösungen in eine, durch attributzertifikate erweiterte, public-key-infrastruktur
  • Secure middleware solutions for Industry 4.0 - An IT security analysis of current communication approaches,Sichere middleware-lösungen für die industrie 4.0 eine it-sicherheitsanalyse aktueller kommunikationsansätze

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