Mengtang Li

Assistant Professor



  • Design, Dynamic Modeling, and Experimental Validation of A Novel Alternating Flow Variable Displacement Hydraulic Pump
  • Circulatory loop design and components introduce artifacts impacting in vitro evaluation of ventricular assist device thrombogenicity: A call for caution
  • Spherical Gerotor: Synthesis of a Novel Valveless Pulsatile Flow Spherical Total Artificial Heart
  • Energy Consumption Model of BLDC Quadrotor UAVs for Mobile Communication Trajectory Planning
  • A Novel INDI based Guidance Law for Fixed Wing Aircrafts: Derivation and Application
  • An Eye Tracking based Aircraft Helmet Mounted Display Aiming System
  • Design, Modeling, and Experimental Characterization of A Valveless Pulsatile Flow Mechanical Circulatory Support Device
  • Bond Graph Modeling of Mechanical Circulatory Support Device—Cardiovascular System Interactions
  • Impella 5.5 Versus Centrimag: A Head-to-Head Comparison of Device Hemocompatibility
  • Addressing Valves With Pressure Ripple
  • Dynamic Model of a Novel Alternating Flow (AF) Hydraulic Pump
  • Experimental Studies of a Novel Alternating Flow (AF) Hydraulic Pump
  • A Design Optimization Model for an Alternating Flow (AF) Hydraulic Pump Based on First Principles
  • An Extended INDI Approach and Application to Pitch Rate Control Laws Design of an Aircraft
  • Eye Gaze Estimation Based on Stacked Hourglass Neural Network for Aircraft Helmet Aiming
  • Energy-Efficient Trajectory Planning for Smart Sensing in IoT Networks Using Quadrotor UAVs
  • Design and evaluation of a pulsatile flow rotary vane blood pump

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