Michael Timothy Bennett


  • Philosophical Specification of Empathetic Ethical Artificial Intelligence
  • Cybernetics and the Future of Work
  • Symbol Emergence and the Solutions to Any Task
  • Compression, The Fermi Paradox and Artificial Super-Intelligence
  • The Artificial Scientist: Logicist, Emergentist, and Universalist Approaches to Artificial General Intelligence
  • Computable Artificial General Intelligence
  • Enactivism & Objectively Optimal Super-Intelligence
  • The Optimal Choice of Hypothesis Is the Weakest, Not the Shortest
  • Emergent Causality & the Foundation of Consciousness
  • On the Computation of Meaning, Language Models and Incomprehensible Horrors
  • The Optimal Choice of Hypothesis Is the Weakest, Not the Shortest
  • On the Computation of Meaning, Language Models and Incomprehensible Horrors
  • Emergent Causality and the Foundation of Consciousness

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