Dr. Singh has earned B.E. (Hons., GEC Rewa, MP), M.Tech. (IIT Kanpur) and PhD (IIT Delhi) in the field of ECE. He has Industrial experience of ~7.5 years (STMicroelectronics Pvt. Ltd. Greater Noida, India), as well as Teaching experience of ~9 years (~7 years at JIIT Noida and ~2 years at Bennett University Greater Noida). Since June 2019, he is working as a Faculty at NIT Hamirpur (HP) India. He has published many good papers in reputed journals like the ''Journal of The Franklin Institute'' and ''Proceedings of the Royal Society A'' where great scientists Einstein, Watson and Crick, and great mathematician Ramanujan have published their papers. The Royal Society of London has accepted and published a mathematical function/signal representation after the names of Fourier and Singh as "Fourier-Singh analytic signal" (FSAS) representation. For more details about patent, research papers, teaching and research interest, refer his Google scholar profile given below in Publications.


  • An efficient removal of power-line interference and baseline wander from ECG signals by employing Fourier decomposition technique
  • Some studies on nonpolynomial interpolation and error analysis
  • Frequency estimation of a sinusoidal signal
  • Discussion of “An orthogonal Hilbert-Huang transform and its application in the spectral representation of earthquake accelerograms” by Tian-Li Huang, Meng-Lin Lou, Hua-Peng Chen, Ning-Bo Wanga [Soil Dyn. Earthq. Eng. 104 (2018), 378–389]
  • The Hilbert spectrum and the Energy Preserving Empirical Mode Decomposition
  • Studies on Generalized Fourier Representations and Phase Transforms
  • Novel Fourier Quadrature Transforms and Analytic Signal Representations for Nonlinear and Non-stationary Time Series Analysis
  • LINOEP vectors, spiral of Theodorus, and nonlinear time-invariant system models of mode decomposition
  • Fourier-Based Feature Extraction for Classification of EEG Signals Using EEG Rhythms
  • Filter performance of reduced sized defect photonic crystals based on single‐negative materials
  • Time-Frequency analysis via the Fourier Representation
  • Time delays and angles of arrival estimation using known signals
  • Nonpolynomial spline based Empirical Mode Decomposition
  • Wavelength selective switching application of one dimensional defect photonic crystal
  • An efficient ML frequency estimation of a sinusoid using the Secant method
  • Baseline Wander and Power-Line Interference Removal from ECG Signals Using Fourier Decomposition Method
  • Modeling and prediction of COVID-19 pandemic using Gaussian mixture model
  • Novel Generalized Fourier Representations and Phase Transforms
  • The Taylor's nonpolynomial series approximation
  • The Linearly Independent Non Orthogonal yet Energy Preserving (LINOEP) vectors
  • Some studies on a generalized Fourier expansion for nonlinear and nonstationary time series analysis, PhD thesis, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Delhi, India, 2016
  • Some studies on multidimensional Fourier theory for Hilbert transform, analytic signal and space-time series analysis
  • Some Studies on Multidimensional Fourier Theory for Hilbert Transform, Analytic Signal and AM–FM Representation
  • Automated detection of COVID-19 from CT scan using convolutional neural network
  • An Improved Data Driven Dynamic SIRD Model for Predictive Monitoring of COVID-19
  • Efficient detection of myocardial infarction from single lead ECG signal
  • Hand movement recognition from sEMG signals using Fourier decomposition method
  • An efficient method for identification of epileptic seizures from EEG signals using Fourier analysis
  • A Novel Signal Modeling Approach for Classification of Seizure and Seizure-Free EEG Signals
  • Breaking the Limits: Redefining the Instantaneous Frequency
  • Generalized SIR (GSIR) epidemic model: An improved framework for the predictive monitoring of COVID-19 pandemic
  • On the approximate discrete KLT of fractional Brownian motion and applications
  • Novel Fourier quadrature transforms and analytic signal representations for nonlinear and non-stationary time-series analysis
  • Proper Definitions and Demonstration of Dirichlet Conditions
  • On the hypercomplex numbers of all finite dimensions: Beyond quaternions and octonians
  • The Generalized Fourier Transform: A Unified Framework for the Fourier, Laplace, Mellin and Z Transforms
  • Detection of apnea events from ECG segments using Fourier decomposition method
  • A novel approach for automated alcoholism detection using Fourier decomposition method
  • The Fourier decomposition method for nonlinear and non-stationary time series analysis
  • AF-MNS: A Novel AM-FM Based Measure of Non-Stationarity
  • Classification of Epileptic Seizure in EEG Signal Using Support Vector Machine and EMD
  • General Parameterized Fourier Transform: A Unified Framework for the Fourier, Laplace, Mellin and Z Transforms
  • COVID-19 image classification using deep learning: Advances, challenges and opportunities
  • A comparative study for predictive monitoring of COVID-19 pandemic

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