• Sustainable Scheduling of Material Handling Activities in Labor-Intensive Warehouses: A Decision and Control Model
  • A decentralized control strategy for energy retrofit planning of large-scale street lighting systems using dynamic programming
  • Using the distributed proximal alternating direction method of multipliers for smart grid monitoring
  • Distributed Control for Waterfilling of Networked Control Systems with Coupling Constraints
  • Energy scheduling of a smart microgrid with shared photovoltaic panels and storage: The case of the Ballen marina in Samsø
  • A residential demand-side management strategy under nonlinear pricing based on robust model predictive control
  • Model predictive control for thermal comfort optimization in building energy management systems
  • Model Predictive Control for Real-Time Residential Energy Scheduling under Uncertainties
  • A Decentralized Control Strategy for the Energy Management of Smart Homes with Renewable Energy Exchange
  • Distributed Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers for Linearly Constrained Optimization over a Network
  • Decentralized control for residential energy management of a smart users’ microgrid with renewable energy exchange
  • A distributed control approach based on game theory for the optimal energy scheduling of a residential microgrid with shared generation and storage
  • Robust energy scheduling of interconnected smart homes with shared energy storage under quadratic pricing
  • Robust day-ahead energy scheduling of a smart residential user under uncertainty
  • A distributed control algorithm for waterfilling of networked control systems via consensus
  • ICT-based methodologies for sheet metal forming design: A survey on simulation approaches
  • Cost-Optimal Energy Scheduling of a Smart Home under Uncertainty
  • IoT Based Architecture for Model Predictive Control of HVAC Systems in Smart Buildings
  • Cooperative Distributed Control for the Energy Scheduling of Smart Homes with Shared Energy Storage and Renewable Energy Source
  • An average consensus approach for the optimal allocation of a shared renewable energy source
  • Bi-level programming for the energy retrofit planning of street lighting systems
  • A Hierarchical Decision-Making Strategy for the Energy Management of Smart Cities
  • An urban control center for the energy governance of a smart city
  • Using multi-objective optimization for the integrated energy efficiency improvement of a smart city public buildings' portfolio
  • Automated evaluation of urban traffic congestion using bus as a probe
  • Energy scheduling of a smart home under nonlinear pricing
  • A decentralized control strategy for optimal charging of electric vehicle fleets with congestion management
  • Measuring and managing the smartness of cities: A framework for classifying performance indicators
  • A decentralized resource allocation approach for sharing renewable energy among interconnected smart homes
  • A dashboard and decision support tool for the energy governance of smart cities
  • A Decision Making Technique to Optimize a Buildings' Stock Energy Efficiency
  • A decision-making tool for energy efficiency optimization of street lighting
  • Multi-criteria decision-making for sustainable metropolitan cities assessment
  • ICT and optimization for the energy management of smart cities: The street lighting decision panel
  • An optimization tool for energy efficiency of street lighting systems in smart cities
  • Bi-level programming for the strategic energy management of a smart city
  • A Distributed Control Algorithm for Optimal Charging of Electric Vehicle Fleets with Congestion Management
  • A Multi-Period Approach for the Optimal Energy Retrofit Planning of Street Lighting Systems
  • Smart Control Strategies for Primary Frequency Regulation through Electric Vehicles: A Battery Degradation Perspective

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