Oracle EBS 1. DC DR SETUP 2. UPGRADATION MIGRATION 3. CLONING 4. PATCHING 5. RMAN BASED CLONING 6. ADOP ORACLE DATABASE ADMINISTRATION 1. ORACLE RAC 2. ORACLE DATAGURD 3. RMAN 4. PATCHING (OPATCH) 5. UPGRADATION & MIGRATION ORACLE CLOUD INFRASTRUCTURE 1. DNS SERVICE 2. AUTONOMOUS DATABASE SERVICE 3. COMPUTE 4. STORAGE (BLOCK STORAGE AND BOOT VOLUME) 5. NETWORKING 7. COMPARTMENT 8. Infrastructure As A Code: DevOps , Kubernetes, Ansible, Chep 9. Cloud Native mysql administration 1. mysqladmin 2. mysqlsh google domain dns google advertising Bing advertising CLOUDFLARE 1. DNS MANAGEMENT MX RECORD A RECORD TLSA DNSSEC ETC. 2. SSL LINUX 1. LVM 2. MAILSERVER(ZIMBRA) 3. APACHE AWS EC2 INSTANCE ROUTE53 S3 BUCKET SES NETWORKING my political opinion: neutralist my hobbies are: painting and cooking relocation:: if you pay for the total relocation cost then I would consider but mostly I am only available for relocation if offers come from abroad but not within India due to family obliga


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