Shammya Saha


  • Modelling and simulation of an efficient charge controller for photovoltaic system with Maximum Power Point Tracking
  • Optimal planning of off-grid solar-wind-tidal hybrid energy system for sandwip island of Bangladesh
  • Modeling and simulation of a Microcontroller based power factor correction converter
  • A universal charge controller for integrating distributed energy resources
  • The exponential impact of empowering off-grid communities
  • Point-on-Wave Analysis of Three-Phase Induction Motor Drive under Fault External to the Power Plant
  • Study and analysis of existing solar PV system in urban area of Bangladesh
  • Empowering smart communities: Electrification, education, and sustainable entrepreneurship in IEEE Smart Village Initiatives
  • Integrating Hardware Security into a Blockchain-Based Transactive Energy Platform
  • A secure distributed ledger for transactive energy: The Electron Volt Exchange (EVE) blockchain
  • Lyapunov stability of smart inverters using linearized distflow approximation
  • Lossy DistFlow Formulation for Single and Multiphase Radial Feeders
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning for DER Cyber-Attack Mitigation
  • A Framework for Generating Synthetic Distribution Feeders using OpenStreetMap

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