Tariq Masood


  • Airport 4.0
  • Industry 4.0: Challenges and success factors for adopting digital technologies in airports
  • Adoption of industry 4.0 technologies in airports - A systematic literature review
  • COVID-19 Challenges: Can Industry 4.0 Technologies Help with Business Continuity?
  • Towards the future-proofing of UK infrastructure
  • A collaboration–resilience framework for disaster management supply networks: a case study of the Philippines
  • Blockchain adoption for sustainable supply chain management
  • Reconfiguring and ramping-up ventilator production in the face of COVID-19: Can robots help?
  • Augmented Reality: Focusing on Photonics in Industry 4.0
  • Developing resilience in disaster relief operations management through lean transformation
  • A structured modelling approach to simulating dynamic behaviours in complex organisations
  • Supply Chain Operations Management in Pandemics: A State-of-the-Art Review Inspired by COVID-19
  • Characteristics of changeable systems across value chains
  • Augmented reality assisted calibration of digital twins of mobile robots
  • Integrating through-life engineering service knowledge with product design and manufacture
  • Integrating design attributes, knowledge and uncertainty in aerospace sector
  • Enabling Competitive Design of Next Generation Reconfigurable Manufacturing Enterprises
  • A computer integrated unified modelling approach to responsive manufacturing
  • Unified modelling in support of organization design and change
  • A model-driven approach to enabling change capability in SMEs
  • Adopting augmented reality in the age of industrial digitalisation
  • Virtual reality in manufacturing: immersive and collaborative artificial-reality in design of human-robot workspace
  • Augmented reality in support of Industry 4.0—Implementation challenges and success factors
  • Future-proofing the Through-life Engineering Service Systems
  • Enterprise systems’ life cycle in pursuit of resilient smart factory for emerging aircraft industry: a synthesis of Critical Success Factors’(CSFs), theory, knowledge gaps, and implications
  • Modelling Framework to Support Decision-Making in Manufacturing Enterprises
  • Industry 4.0
  • Applications of artificial intelligence in industrial engineering
  • Identifying and validating hazards in support of information futureproofing - case study of a building
  • Simulation model interoperability in support of complex organisation design and change
  • Postdoc Chairs' Network
  • Lean manufacturing culture
  • Future-proofing assessment of infrastructure assets
  • Reconfiguring and ramping-up ventilator production in the face of COVID-19: Can robots help?
  • Repurposing factories with robotics in the face of COVID-19
  • Augmented reality in support of intelligent manufacturing – A systematic literature review
  • Product to process lifecycle management in assembly automation systems
  • Computer aided design of belt conveyors for the process and manufacturing industries
  • Rationales of holonic manufacturing systems in leather industry
  • Assessment of corporate social responsibility (CSR) awareness and practices in manufacturing sector of Pakistan
  • An integrated modelling approach in support of next generation reconfigurable manufacturing systems
  • A computer executable modelling approach to engineering production planning and control systems in dynamic manufacturing organisations
  • Manufacturer's perspective on inclusive design drivers and barriers - developing countries case
  • Information future-proofing assessment for infrastructure assets
  • Information futureproofing for large-scale infrastructure
  • Evaluation of Industry 4.0 on sustainable supply chain of manufacturing companies
  • Reverse supply chains in Industry 4.0
  • Impact of Blockchain Technology on Smart Grids
  • Role of collaborative resource sharing in supply chain recovery during disruptions

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