Dr. Nguyen Viet Tu obtained his MSc and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering at the University of California, San Diego in 2009 and 2013, respectively. He has been a Sr. R&D IC Design Researcher for Broadband Carrier Access (BCA) group at Broadcom Limited since May 2013. The work includes designing and developing the current and next generations of Wireless LAN networks: from algorithm designs to design vectors (DV) matching, chipset bring up, firmware development, and performance evaluations prior to mass productions. He is currently an assistant professor at the college of engineering and computer science, VinUniversity, Hanoi, Vietnam.


  • Double-Layer Video Transmission Over Decode-and-Forward Wireless Relay Networks Using Hierarchical Modulation
  • Heart rate analysis by sparse representation for acute pain detection
  • On the impact of residual CFO in UL MU-MIMO
  • Channel Model and Performance Analysis of QAM Multiple Antenna Systems at 60-GHz in the Presence of Human Activity
  • Optimized receiver design for decode-and-forward relays using hierarchical modulation
  • Optimal linear-combining receiver for decode-and-forward relays using superposition coding
  • Leveraging Secondary Reflections and Mitigating Interference in Multi-IRS/RIS Aided Wireless Network

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