I am currently a Ph.D. student with School of Eletronic and Information Engieering, South China University of Technology, China, where I obtained my bachelor degree. My research interest mainly lies in Natural Language Processing(NLP), Computer Vision(CV), Deep Learning(DL), Image Processing and Dialogue system.


  • Indoor High Precision Three-Dimensional Positioning System Based on Visible Light Communication Using Particle Swarm Optimization
  • Performance comparison and analysis on different optimization models for high-precision three-dimensional visible light positioning
  • Indoor high-precision three-dimensional positioning algorithm based on visible light communication and fingerprinting using K-means and random forest
  • Indoor Real-Time 3-D Visible Light Positioning System Using Fingerprinting and Extreme Learning Machine
  • BERT Based Cross-Task Sentiment Analysis with Adversarial Learning
  • CPED: A Large-Scale Chinese Personalized and Emotional Dialogue Dataset for Conversational AI

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