Zafeiris Kokkinogenis


  • Agent-Based Traffic Simulation Using SUMO and JADE: An Integrated Platform for Artificial Transportation Systems
  • A platform for the design, simulation and development of quadcopter multi-agent systems
  • Using real-life alert-based data to analyse drowsiness and distraction of commercial drivers
  • Towards a Framework for Agent-Based Simulation of User Behaviour in E-Commerce Context
  • Traffic Simulation of Lane-Merging of Autonomous Vehicles in the Context of Platooning
  • Autonomous Vehicles Coordination Through Voting-Based Decision-Making
  • ResMAS - A Conceptual MAS Model for Resource-Based Integrated Markets
  • Simulating Collective Decision-Making for Autonomous Vehicles Coordination enabled by Vehicular Networks: A computational social choice perspective
  • Tactical Level Decision-Making for Platoons of Autonomous Vehicles Using Auction Mechanisms
  • Policy appraisal using iteration games in artificial transportation systems
  • Profiles of Professional Drivers Based on Drowsiness and Distraction Alerts
  • HERMES: A tool for mesoscopic simulation of advanced traveller information systems
  • Regulating Blockchain Smart Contracts with Agent-Based Markets
  • Transportation Policy Evaluation Using Minority Games and Agent-Based Simulation
  • Mobility Network Evaluation in the User Perspective: Real-Time Sensing of Traffic Information in Twitter Messages
  • A Framework for a Multimodal Transportation Network: An Agent-based Model Approach
  • Route Planning for Electric Buses: A Case Study in Oporto
  • Driver Attitude and Its Influence on the Energy Waste of Electric Buses
  • Sensing Bluetooth Mobility Data: Potentials and Applications
  • An Agent-Based Approach to Schedule Crane Operations in Rail-Rail Transshipment Terminals
  • NetLogo implementation of an evacuation scenario
  • Towards the next-generation traffic simulation tools: A first appraisal
  • Electricity market and renewable energy integration: An agent-based conceptual model
  • Towards a framework for pedestrian simulation for intermodal interfaces
  • An exploratory study of taxi sharing schemas
  • A computer-vision approach to traffic analysis over intersections
  • Using GPS-based AVL data to calculate and predict traffic network performance metrics: A systematic review
  • Towards the integration of electric buses in conventional bus fleets
  • A systematic review protocol on shared transportation
  • A symbiotic simulation platform for agent-based quadcopters
  • Policy and incentive designs evaluation: A social-oriented framework for Artificial Transportation Systems
  • Playing transportation seriously: Applications of serious games to artificial transportation systems
  • A HLA-based multi-resolution approach to simulating electric vehicles in simulink and SUMO
  • Multi-resolution simulation of taxi services on airport terminal's curbside
  • FogWise: On the limits of the coexistence of heterogeneous applications on Fog computing and Internet of Vehicles
  • Improving Route Choice: Communication Issues in Moving Variable Message Signs
  • How Smart and Green? A Simulation Model of Demand Cost Perception in the Electricity Market
  • Carbon Market Multi-agent Simulation Model
  • A Resource-Based Model for Home Energy Management Using Multi-Agent Systems
  • Home Automation System Architecture based on FIWARE and Multi-Agent Systems
  • Home Automation System Architecture based on FIWARE and Multi-Agent Systems
  • Exploring the behavioural spectrum with efficiency vs. fairness goals in Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning
  • The trade-offs between Fog Processing and Communications in latency-sensitive Vehicular Fog Computing
  • Assessing Communication Strategies in C-ITS Using n-Person Prisoner’s Dilemma
  • Assessing Communication Strategies in C-ITS using n-Person Prisoner 19s Dilemma Perspective
  • incentive mechanisms and policy evaluation on open multi-agent systems: towards social-aware transportation systems
  • Identificação de outliers em dados de acidentes de trânsito no Brasil: Análise de clusters versus métodos estatísticos
  • Estudo da distração e sonolência e, motoristas profissionais com base em dados de um sistema de monitorização do condutor
  • SIESTA - Enhancing Safety by Using Data from Real-Time Driver Drowsiness Feedback: Memoria Final
  • Memoria Final - Project SIESTA

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