Zheyuan Cheng


  • Reliability assessment and comparison between centralized and distributed energy management system in islanding microgrid
  • A big data based deep learning approach for vehicle speed prediction
  • To Centralize or to Distribute: That Is the Question: A Comparison of Advanced Microgrid Management Systems
  • A Study of DER Volt and Var Droop Aggregation for Reactive Power Support to Transmission System
  • The Development and Application of a DC Microgrid Testbed for Distributed Microgrid Energy Management System
  • Cyber-Physical Microgrids: Toward Future Resilient Communities
  • A Novel Most Significant Cell Methodology in a Battery Pack with Serial Cell Connection
  • An Augmented Bayesian Reputation Metric for Trustworthiness Evaluation in Consensus-based Distributed Microgrid Energy Management Systems with Energy Storage
  • A Random-Weighted Privacy-Preserving Distributed Algorithm for Energy Management in Microgrid with Energy Storage Devices
  • Resilient Collaborative Distributed Energy Management System Framework for Cyber-Physical DC Microgrids
  • Reputation-based Collaborative Distributed Energy Management System Framework for Cyber-physical Microgrids: Resilience against Profit-driven Attacks
  • A Homomorphic Encryption based Private Collaborative Distributed Energy Management System
  • A Robust and Efficient State-of-Charge Estimation Methodology for Serial-Connected Battery Packs: Most Significant Cell Methodology
  • Emerging Trends in Industrial Electronics: A Cross-Disciplinary View
  • A Random-Weight Privacy-Preserving Algorithm With Error Compensation for Microgrid Distributed Energy Management
  • Resilient Collaborative Distributed AC Optimal Power Flow against False Data Injection Attacks: A Theoretical Framework
  • A Multi-Agent System Based Hierarchical Control Framework for Microgrids
  • Simulating and Evaluating Privacy Issues in Distributed Microgrids: A Cyber-Physical Co-Simulation Platform
  • Collaborative Distributed AC Optimal Power Flow: A Dual Decomposition Based Algorithm

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