mehmet bulut

Counsellor (Power, Energy and Industry Applications)

Ankara, Turkey

Mehmet BULUT (PhD in EE, YTU, Turkey, 2001). Received his bachelor degree and master degree in electrical & electronic engineering respectively from Anadolu University and Dumlupınar University, Turkey in 1993 and 1997, and the Ph.D degree in Electrical Engineering at Yildiz Technical University, Turkey, 2001. He was a Research Assistant between 1993-98 at Dumlupınar University. Then he worked as Automation Engineer by 2003 at Eti Silver Plant. His research interest covers computational intelligence methods, fuzzy systems and control, neural networks, signal processing, image processing, renewable energy systems, energy facilities. He worked as Director of R&D Department at the Electricity Generation Co., between 1993-98 years. He worked as head of Nuclear Power Plants Department at the Electricity Generation Co., (EUAS). Now, He serves as Counsellor to General Management at Electricity Generation Co.


  • DOI: 10.35377/saucis.03.03.817595

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