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Soliton crystal 50G Hz micro-comb for Q-band microwave frequency conversion
  • David Moss
David Moss
swinburne university of technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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We report a broadband microwave frequency converter based on a coherent Kerr optical micro-comb generated by an integrated micro-ring resonator. The coherent micro-comb displays features that are consistent with soliton crystal dynamics with an FSR of 48.9-GHz. We use this to demonstrate a high-performance millimeter-wave local oscillator at 48.9-GHz in the Q-band for microwave frequency conversion. We experimentally verify the microwave performance up to 40 GHz, achieving a ratio of −6.8 dB between output RF power and IF power and a spurious suppression ratio of > 43.5 dB. The experimental results show good agreement with theory and verify the effectiveness of microwave frequency converters based on coherent optical micro-combs, with the ability to achieve reduced size, complexity, and potential cost.