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Initial Results of Quantification of Model Validation Results Using Modal Analysis
  • Urmila Agrawal ,
  • Pavel Etingov ,
  • Renke Huang
Urmila Agrawal
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Pavel Etingov
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Renke Huang
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High quality generator dynamic models are critical to reliable and accurate power systems studies and planning. With the availability of PMU measurements, measurement-based approach for model validation has gained significant prominence. Currently, the model validation results are analyzed by visually comparing real--world PMU measurements with the model-based simulated data. This paper proposes metrics to quantify the generator dynamic model validation results based on the response of generators to each system mode, which includes both local and inter-area, using modal analysis approach. The metrics provide information on the inaccuracy associated with the model in terms of the characteristics of each mode. Initial results obtained using the real-world data validates the effectiveness of the proposed metrics. In this paper, modal analysis was carried out using Prony method.