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Cloud and Edge Computing for Developing Smart Factory Models using a iFogSim Wrapper: Transportation Management System (TMS) Case Study
  • Dhairya Patel ,
  • Sabah Mohammed
Dhairya Patel
Lakehead University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Sabah Mohammed
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The given literature focuses on developing a Smart Factory model based on Cloud and Edge computing used to develop Transportation Management System(TMS) using a iFogSim wrapper. Cloud computing identifies data centres for users and offer computer system services on-demand, including data storage and processing power, without direct active user management. In the smart industry, several devices are connected together across the internet, where vast volumes of data are collected during the entire process of output. Thus, to handle this data smart factory based on cloud and edge computing is used. The intelligent cloud-based factory offers some facility like large scale analysis of data. Concepts like fog and edge computing play a significant role in extending data storage and network capacities in the cloud that addresses some challenges, such as over-full bandwidth and latency. The literature also focuses on the implementation of TMS using the iFogSim Simulator. The simulator provides efficient execution of TMS by showing the amount of resources used which gives an idea regarding optimum use of resources. All types of data related to TMS is obtained at cloud by using smart factory like object location, time taken and energy consumption. To implement the TMS we have created a topology which displays various devices connected to the cloud which gives necessary information regarding the ongoing transportation simulation.