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Fear of Missing out, Social Media Engagement, Smartphone Addiction and Distraction Moderating Role of Tracking Apps in the Youth
  • Srimanth Vempati ,
  • Manoj Kumar Bhuma ,
  • Jinan Fiaidhi
Srimanth Vempati
Lakehead University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Manoj Kumar Bhuma
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Jinan Fiaidhi
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Smartphones offer high portability and web availability simultaneously which has prompted a considerable increment in the number of people using social media progressing, particularly the 'Twenty to thirty- year-olds'. The over utilization of smartphones and social media has resulted in a few issues which include people's mental conditions. Our proposed paper shows on how much time the users spend time on their smartphones and social media, which seems to be increasing rapidly everywhere and considered to be a social problem, arising from a lack of offline social network that results in decreasing social engagements in real-life. This paper includes a survey android application from which user's survey data is analyzed, to look at the cause and effects of the utilization of smartphones and social media.