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Securing Software Systems - A Survey
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  • Yong Weixiong ,
  • Kohei Dozono ,
  • Robin Lee ,
  • Alvin Kon Soon Seng ,
  • Fatima tuz Zahra
Yong Weixiong
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Kohei Dozono
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Robin Lee
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Alvin Kon Soon Seng
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Fatima tuz Zahra
Taylors University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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This paper aims to discuss the standard guidelines of the development process of secure software and will give justification on different types and ways of the software development processes. Additionally, a survey is conducted, the aim of which is to observe user behavior towards software system usage, user attitude in terms of privacy and policy awareness, security and privacy concerns. This is followed by discussion on how to secure software systems in development stage.