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A Low-Cost Multiple Complementary Split-Ring Resonator Based Microwave Sensor for Contactless Dielectric Characterization of Liquids
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  • Ahmed Javed ,
  • Ali Arif ,
  • Muhammad Zubair ,
  • Muhammad Qasim Mehmood ,
  • Kashif Riaz
Ahmed Javed
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Muhammad Zubair
Information Technology University of the Punjab

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Muhammad Qasim Mehmood
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Kashif Riaz
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We propose a low-cost, easy-to-fabricate, contactless microwave sensor for dielectric characterization of liquids. The design of the proposed sensor is based on a multiple complementary split-ring resonator (MCSRR) fabricated on a low-cost FR-4 substrate. A glass capillary tube having an inner diameter of 0.008λ0 is inserted in the high electric field region of the MCSRR to carry the liquid under test. The sensor is designed to operate at a resonant frequency of 2.45GHz for an empty tube and shifted resonant peaks are utilized for the dielectric characterization of different liquids. The maximum observed shifts in resonant frequency and Q factor are up to 400MHz and 31, respectively. The numerically established relations are experimentally verified through fabricated sensor for various binary mixtures of water and ethanol. The percentage errors between the calculated and reference permittivity of different samples are noticed to be less than 5%. The proposed device promises to be a cost-effective and convenient solution for accurate dielectric characterization of liquids and their binary aqueous solutions.
01 Oct 2020Published in IEEE Sensors Journal volume 20 issue 19 on pages 11326-11334. 10.1109/JSEN.2020.2998004