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Security and Privacy Concerns in Wireless Networks - A Survey
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  • Yong Weixiong ,
  • Robin Lee ,
  • Alvin Kon Soon Seng ,
  • Fatima tuz Zahra
Yong Weixiong
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Robin Lee
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Alvin Kon Soon Seng
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Fatima tuz Zahra
Taylors University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The paper aims to raise awareness in the domain of security and privacy concerns in network communication that takes place among machines. Knowing that there are lots of possibilities that an attacker or hacker may get a slight chance of causing exploits from network vulnerabilities leads to threats at personal and organizational level. In this paper, research has been carried out using survey methodology to gather user viewpoints on general awareness and importance of network security and privacy. The results will be used to support the overall significance of how a network should behave and work on behalf of the users. The main goal as developers and engineers is to prioritize and improve user satisfaction and data protection standard. Therefore, this paper will also discuss the methodologies and possible ways to offer the best strategies for protection against security and privacy attacks.