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Multiple-Precision BLAS Library for Graphics Processing Units
  • Konstantin Isupov ,
  • Vladimir Knyazkov
Konstantin Isupov
Vyatka State University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Vladimir Knyazkov
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The binary32 and binary64 floating-point formats provide good performance on current hardware, but also introduce a rounding error in almost every arithmetic operation. Consequently, the accumulation of rounding errors in large computations can cause accuracy issues. One way to prevent these issues is to use multiple-precision floating-point arithmetic. This preprint, submitted to Russian Supercomputing Days 2020, presents a new library of basic linear algebra operations with multiple precision for graphics processing units. The library is written in CUDA C/C++ and uses the residue number system to represent multiple-precision significands of floating-point numbers. The supported data types, memory layout, and main features of the library are considered. Experimental results are presented showing the performance of the library.