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Near-Field Resolution in Planar Source Reconstructions
  • Maria Antonia Maisto ,
  • Rocco Pierri ,
  • Raffaele Solimene
Maria Antonia Maisto
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Rocco Pierri
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Raffaele Solimene
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This paper deals with the classical question of estimating the achievable resolution in terms of the configuration parameters in inverse source problems. In particular, the study focuses on the case of a planar surface magnetic current which is to be reconstructed from near-field observed over a bounded rectangular aperture parallel to the source domain. Here, the plan is to work out a resolution estimation that precisely captures the spatially varying behaviour entailed by the near-field and aspect-limited configuration. To this end, the pertinent radiation operator is inverted by an adjoint inversion scheme (a backpropagation- like method) and the corresponding point-spread function is analytically estimated. Numerical examples show that the derived resolution estimation clearly points out the role of the geometrical parameters of the configuration and it is more accurate than other literature results.