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A Novel Traffic Rate Measurement Algorithm for Quality of Experience-Aware Video Admission Control
  • Alexander A. Kist ,
  • qahhar muhammad qadir ,
Alexander A. Kist
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qahhar muhammad qadir
University of Kurdistan Hewlêr

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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With the inevitable dominance of video traffic on the Internet, providing perceptually good video quality is becoming a challenging task. This is partly due to the bursty nature of video traffic, changing network conditions and limitations of network transport protocols. This growth of video traffic has made Quality of Experience (QoE) of the end user the focus of the research community. In contrast, Internet service providers are concerned about maximizing revenue by accepting as many sessions as possible, as long as customers remain satisfied. However, there is still no entirely satisfactory admission algorithm for flows with variable rate. The trade-off between the number of sessions and perceived QoE can be optimized by exploiting the bursty nature of video traffic. This paper proposes a novel algorithm to determine the upper limit of the aggregate video rate that can exceed the available bandwidth without degrading the QoE of accepted video sessions. A parameter $\beta$ that defines the exceedable limit is defined. The proposed algorithm results in accepting more sessions without compromising the QoE of on-going video sessions. Thus it contributes to the optimization of the QoE-Session trade-off in support of the expected growth of video traffic on the Internet.
May 2015Published in IEEE Transactions on Multimedia volume 17 issue 5 on pages 711-722. 10.1109/TMM.2015.2416637