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SPECHT: Self-tuning Plausibility Based Object Detection Enables Quantification of Conflict in Heterogeneous Multi-scale Microscopy
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  • Ben Cardoen ,
  • Timothy Wong ,
  • Parsa Alan ,
  • Sieun Lee ,
  • Joanne Aiko Matsubara ,
  • Ivan Robert Nabi ,
  • Ghassan Hamarneh
Ben Cardoen
Simon Fraser University, Simon Fraser University, Simon Fraser University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Timothy Wong
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Parsa Alan
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Sieun Lee
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Joanne Aiko Matsubara
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Ivan Robert Nabi
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Ghassan Hamarneh
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Self-tuning unsupervised analysis of STED super resolution of fluorescent labelled Caveolin-1, confocal microscopy of retina tissue. See manuscript for complete description.
29 Dec 2022Published in PLOS ONE volume 17 issue 12 on pages e0276726. 10.1371/journal.pone.0276726