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A Mixture of Time Instance Steganography and Series Cryptography
  • Moses Oyaro Okello
Moses Oyaro Okello
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This Paper presents improvement and extension of previous methodology about timing steganography based on network steganography. The previous article uses time interval between two successive transmissions mixed with cryptography prior to hiding. However this improvement tend to extend and provide new methods based on time format such as hours, minutes, second, millisecond and Nanosecond etc. It further examine how to handle effect of different time zone and high precision timing for ultrafast timing such as millisecond, Nanoseconds, picosecond, femtosecond which human action is too slow for perfect timing. In addition, the extension based on TCP-IP status codes where each elements of set of status code are index and the index represents certain numeric of combination for hiding. Finally, the cryptography method is improved and extended to series based cryptography with any defined number of different cryptographic methods combined altogether with multiple keys generated dynamically. The methods for both cryptography and steganography was integrated and each module carefully tested for their feasibility and appropriate analysis, comparisons is presented too.