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A comparison of Distributed Data Communications using Ethernet in Aircraft
  • Owais Hamid ,
  • Sayyid Anas Vaqar
Owais Hamid
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Sayyid Anas Vaqar
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Distributed control in the aviation industry provides the backbone for reliable information communication. The precise nature and the complexities dealt by a control system in the air require reliable communication of data in a timely manner. This has led to communication protocols defined specifically for the aviation industry. This paper endeavors to provide an overview of specific networks and data communication standards in the aviation industry, the focus being on aviation standards that require working under rigorous time critical environments. Specifically it focuses on the more modern techniques used for data bus communications in aerospace, with a comparative study between the Time Triggered Ethernet (TTE) and Avionics Full Duplex Switched Ethernet (AFDX). While several studies have explained the evolution of Aircraft Data Networks (ADNs), this study compares two Ethernet based data communication protocols for reasons pertaining to the trend of usage of Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) Components. A detailed and comprehensive understanding of all components of the two types of networks is provided here, in addition to clear comparisons using a table.