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Quantum Computing and the AEC Industry: Trends, Challenges, Near Term Practical Opportunities and Future Outlook
  • Oliver Barima
Oliver Barima
George Brown College

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Digital computing and allied communication tools have been phenomenal, but they are fast reaching their technical limits and also their capacity to solve certain extant complex problems. Quantum computing has now emerged with a touted potential to deal with aspects of the latter complex problems and also significantly transform extant computing and communication methods. Yet, little studies exist in the AEC industry related literature on quantum computing to boost awareness and also explore its prospective impact on the AEC industry.
This paper discusses the underpinning basic concepts, technologies and trends in the quantum computing domain to build awareness to boost Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry capacity on the topic. The paper dissects the challenges in this novel area. And also examines the near term practical opportunities and potential impact of quantum computing on the AEC industry. The paper concludes with suggestions for practice and future research.