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An Introduction to IoT Based Posture Detection and Underlying Sensor Technology
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  • Jahnvi Gupta ,
  • Nitin Gupta ,
  • Mukesh Kumar ,
  • Ritwik Duggal
Jahnvi Gupta
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Nitin Gupta
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Mukesh Kumar
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Ritwik Duggal
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Analysis of human posture has many applications in the field of sports and medical science including patient monitoring, lifestyle analysis, elderly care etc. Many of the works in this area have been based on computer vision techniques. These are limited in providing real-time solution. Thus, Internet of Things (IoT) based solution are being planned and used for the human posture recognition and detection. The data collected from sensors is then passed to machine learning or deep learning algorithms to find different patterns. In this chapter an introduction to IoT based posture detection is provided with an introduction to underlying sensor technology, which can help in selection for appropriate sensors for the posture detection.