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Core Loss Estimation for an Inverter-fed Induction Motor With More Accurate Realisation of Material Non-linearity and Impact of Hysteresis Minor Loops
  • Rajendra Kumar ,
  • Praveen Kumar
Rajendra Kumar
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Praveen Kumar
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The work presents a fast and accurate core loss evaluation method for inverter-fed induction machines. The proposed method takes into account the influence of time variation of magnetic permeability on the eddy current loss. Furthermore, the proposed method presents an accurate approach to precisely evaluate the hysteresis loss. The results obtained from the proposed method are compared with the existing methods for a 1.5kW inverter-driven induction motor. The method shows sufficiently high accuracy with reduced complexity and implementation-time for a wide range of inverter switching frequency and motor's loading.
Mar 2022Published in IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion volume 37 issue 1 on pages 327-336. 10.1109/TEC.2021.3085764