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Intelligently managing mixed traffic flows at intersections Proposal of a platoon-based round-robin algorithm with priorities
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  • Hossein Moradi ,
  • Sara Sasaninejad ,
  • Sabine Wittevrongel ,
  • Joris Walraevens
Hossein Moradi
Ghent University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Sara Sasaninejad
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Sabine Wittevrongel
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Joris Walraevens
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The importance of addressing the complexities of mixed traffic conditions by providing innovative approaches, models, and algorithms for traffic control has been well highlighted in the state-of-the-art literature. Accordingly, the first aim of this study has been to enhance the traditional intersection control methods for the incorporation of autonomous vehicles and wireless communications. For this purpose, we have introduced a novel framework labeled by “PRRP-framework”. The PRRP-framework also enables flexible preferential treatments for some special vehicles within an implementable range of complexity while it addresses the stochastic nature of traffic flow. Moreover, the PRRP-framework has been coupled with a speed advisory system that brings complementary strengths leading to even better performance. Further simulations reported in this manuscript, confirmed that such an integration effort is a prerequisite to move towards sustainable results.