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Learning From How Humans Correct
  • Tong Guo
Tong Guo

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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In industry NLP application, our manually labeled data has a certain number of noisy data. We present a simple method to find the noisy data and re-label them manually, meanwhile we collect the correction information. Then we present novel method to incorporate the human correction information into deep learning model. Human know how to correct noisy data. So the correction information can be inject into deep learning model. We do the experiment on our own text classification dataset, which is manually labeled, because we re-label the noisy data in our dataset for our industry application. The experiment result shows that our method improve the classification accuracy from 91.7% to 92.5%. The 91.7% accuracy is trained on the corrected dataset, which improve the baseline from 83.3% to 91.7%.