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Qualitative analysis for coverage probability and energy efficiency in cognitive-femtocell networks under macrocell infrastructure
  • Joydev Ghosh
Joydev Ghosh
New Horizons Institute of Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The network coverage and energy efficiency issues in heterogeneous cognitive-femtocell networks over the macrocell network is studied. Cognitive functions in wireless network nodes are serviceable with the macrocell infrastructure to achieve a balance between two desirable
but incompatible features: coverage and energy efficiency. There are two basic but related aspects of cognitive radios (CRs) in the context of wireless communications: optimum CRs for energy efficiency and the act of the functioning of CRs with energy efficiency. To fully utilise the cognitive capability, a dual-tier network architecture is assumed where both the macrocell and the femtocell have a bearing
on the cognitive capability. Owing to the salient features of femtocells, they can improve the coverage and enhance the spectrum efficiency by reutilising the frequency spectrum allocated to the macrocell, although, the resulting intercell interference accompanied by the same frequency coverage cannot be underestimated. The effectiveness of the scheme is verified by extensive Matlab simulation.
Aug 2015Published in Electronics Letters volume 51 issue 17 on pages 1378-1380. 10.1049/el.2015.0171