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Experimental Study of Using a 3-D Position Sensitive CdZnTe Detector for Proton Beam Range Verification
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  • Valerie Nwadeyi ,
  • Paul maggi ,
  • Zhong He ,
  • Jerimy Polf
Valerie Nwadeyi
University of Michigan, University of Michigan

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Paul maggi
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Jerimy Polf
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This manuscript discusses the use of a large volume array CZT detector for experimental prompt gamma-ray imaging. Namely, the 718 keV and the 4.44 MeV photopeaks produced from proton-carbon interactions are imaged using maximum likelihood expectation maximization (MLEM). Various proton beam irradiations are used to characterize the feasibility of using both photopeaks for beam range verification.