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The Implications of Cognitive Femtocell Based Spectrum Allocation Over Macrocell Networks
  • Joydev Ghosh
Joydev Ghosh
The New Horizons Institute of Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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We propose an analytical framework of significant influence of deployment of femto base stations (FBSs) in a dual-tier network constituted of macro base stations (MBSs). As because of uncoordinated deployment, FBSs results in destructive interference to MBSs and viceversa. But, throughput efficiency of indoor (Femtocell) and outdoor (Macrocell) environment substantially increases due to an optimum reutilization of available spectrum. The quality of service (QoS) is further getting optimized in terms of throughput and network coverage because of incorporation of steerable beamforming. Finally, the effectiveness of the scheme is verified by extensive matlab simulation.
Feb 2017Published in Wireless Personal Communications volume 92 issue 3 on pages 1125-1143. 10.1007/s11277-016-3597-x