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Electrotactile Feedback in Virtual Reality For Precise and Accurate Contact Rendering
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  • Sebastian Vizcay ,
  • Panagiotis Kourtesis ,
  • Ferran Argelaguet ,
  • Claudio Pacchierotti ,
  • Maud Marchal
Sebastian Vizcay
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Panagiotis Kourtesis
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Ferran Argelaguet
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Claudio Pacchierotti
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Maud Marchal
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This paper presents a wearable electrotactile feedback system to enable precise and accurate contact rendering with virtual objects for mid-air interactions. In particular, we propose the use of electrotactile feedback to render the interpenetration distance between the user’s finger and the virtual content is touched. Our approach consists of modulating the perceived intensity (frequency and pulse width modulation) of the electrotactile stimuli according to the registered interpenetration distance. In a user study (N=21), we assessed the performance of four different interpenetration feedback approaches: electrotactile-only, visual-only, electrotactile and visual, and no interpenetration feedback. First, the results showed that contact precision and accuracy were significantly improved when using interpenetration feedback. Second, and more interestingly, there were no significant differences between visual and electrotactile feedback when the calibration was optimized and the user was familiarized with electrotactile feedback. Taken together, these results suggest that electrotactile feedback could be an efficient replacement of visual feedback for accurate and precise contact rendering in virtual reality avoiding the need of active visual focus and the rendering of additional visual artefacts.