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The Generalized Fourier Transform: A Unified Framework for the Fourier, Laplace, Mellin and Z Transforms
  • Pushpendra Singh ,
  • Anubha Gupta ,
  • Shiv Dutt Joshi
Pushpendra Singh
National Institute of Technology Hamirpur

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Anubha Gupta
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Shiv Dutt Joshi
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This paper introduces Generalized Fourier transform (GFT) that is an extension or the generalization of the Fourier transform (FT). The Unilateral Laplace transform (LT) is observed to be the special case of GFT. GFT, as proposed in this work, contributes significantly to the scholarly literature. There are many salient contribution of this work. Firstly, GFT is applicable to a much larger class of signals, some of which cannot be analyzed with FT and LT. For example, we have shown the applicability of GFT on the polynomially decaying functions and super exponentials. Secondly, we demonstrate the efficacy of GFT in solving the initial value problems (IVPs). Thirdly, the generalization presented for FT is extended for other integral transforms with examples shown for wavelet transform and cosine transform. Likewise, generalized Gamma function is also presented. One interesting application of GFT is the computation of generalized moments, for the otherwise non-finite moments, of any random variable such as the Cauchy random variable. Fourthly, we introduce Fourier scale transform (FST) that utilizes GFT with the topological isomorphism of an exponential map. Lastly, we propose Generalized Discrete-Time Fourier transform (GDTFT). The DTFT and unilateral $z$-transform are shown to be the special cases of the proposed GDTFT. The properties of GFT and GDTFT have also been discussed.