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Properties of the Inter-area Modes of the U.S
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  • Urmila Agrawal ,
  • Xiaoyuan Fan ,
  • Renke Huang ,
  • Sanjay Hosur
Urmila Agrawal
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Xiaoyuan Fan
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Renke Huang
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Sanjay Hosur
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With an increase in the oscillation events observed in the U.S. Eastern Interconnection (EI), it has become increasingly important to have a good understanding of the EI system oscillatory behavior. However, as compared to the Western Interconnection system (WI), not much work has been done in this regard for the EI system. Therefore, in this paper, a thorough analysis is carried out to identify inter-area modes and their properties for the EI system using a 80000+ bus real EI model. Multi-channel Prony method is used in this paper for estimating system modes and mode-shapes.