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Investigation of Weighted Scales for Measuring Visual Fatigue in Screen Tasks
  • Yong FENG ,
  • Fei Chen
Southern University of Science and Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The “screening” trend of modern society has been progressively increasing burden on human visual system, and visual fatigue problems are attracting growing attention. Nowadays, subjective testing is the most widely used measurement for visual fatigue; however, the low accuracy of subjective testing has been hindering its further development. Motivated by the idea of weighted scoring, this study investigated the effects of two weighted scales for measuring visual fatigue in screening tasks. Specifically, a questionnaire with 10 items collected from classic scales was performed with an eye-tracking testing in two typical screen visual fatigue experiments, i.e., searching and watching. Then the subjective scores were factor-analyzed into three subscales before attempting linear regressions, which set the dependent to two previously validated eye-tracking parameters, i.e., fixation frequency or saccade amplitude. Finally two weighted scales were obtained in assessing visual fatigue of varying levels, which demonstrated the potential to improve testing accuracy of visual fatigue with the calibration of objective measurement.