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Physical Distancing by Fabricating the MLX90614 Thermal Sensor during Covid- 19 Global Emergency
  • Abhijeet Kumar ,
  • Arpit Kumar
Abhijeet Kumar
Bihar Bal Bhawan Kilkari, Bihar Bal Bhawan Kilkari

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Arpit Kumar
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The proposed applied research is based on the IR thermometer functions by introducing novel additional application improvement and fabrication in the design. In this study, the concept of the custom compact device (shape illustrates - “A Badge”) that functions as same of existing products, measures the surface temperature of a body whether received data processed by Microcontroller (AtMega328P). Observations state that the device functions in a way that there is any thermal change comparison of the ambient temperature (D-1 m). The mode is activated and produces a sound by a buzzer that is inside it. For distance measuring, it measures the intensity of IR radiation emitted by a body in a particular direction and an area. The change in ambient temperature (D- 1 m) up to 99o F then produces another sound to alert and read the temperature when it comes across the body (with the sensitivity area of D-1m.). It will be an optimum up-gradation at the level in primary healthcare instrumentation & helpful to noncontact, quickly and accurately measure moving and high temperature objects.