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Introduction to Wireless Endogenous Security and Safety: Problems, Attributes, Structures and Functions
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  • Xiaoyan Hu ,
  • Liang Jin ,
  • Yangming Lou ,
  • Zhou Zhong ,
  • Xiaoli Sun
Xiaoyan Hu
PLA Strategic Support Force Information Engineering University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Liang Jin
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Yangming Lou
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Zhou Zhong
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Xiaoli Sun
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Abstract: The information security and functional safety of wireless communication systems have become the focus of current research. The endogenous security principle based on Dynamic Heterogeneous Redundancy provides a direction for the development of wireless communication security and safety technology. This paper introduces the concept of wireless endogenous security from the following four aspects. First, we sorts out the endogenous security problems faced by the current wireless communication system, and then analyzes the endogenous security and safety attributes of the wireless channel. After that, the endogenous security and safety structure of the wireless communication system is given, and finally the applications of the existing wireless communication endogenous security and safety functions are listed.