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TNT: A Tactical Network Test platform to evaluate military systems over ever-changing scenarios
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  • Paulo H. Rettore ,
  • Johannes Loevenich ,
  • Roberto Rigolin F. Lopes ,
  • Peter Sevenich
Paulo H. Rettore
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Johannes Loevenich
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Roberto Rigolin F. Lopes
Fraunhofer FKIE

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Peter Sevenich
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This paper addresses the challenge of testing military systems and applications over different communication scenarios with both network conditions and user data flows changing independently. We assume that systems developed to handle ever-changing communication scenarios are more likely to be reliable and robust during real military operations. Therefore, we propose the Tactical Network Test (TNT) platform to automate the evaluation of military systems and applications over real military radios using a reproducible test methodology. TNT has four main goals (i) the creation of QoS-constrained data flows; (ii) the execution of models to change network conditions; (iii) a performance evaluation of a military system over ever-changing conditions; and (iv) the monitoring and performing data analysis. Our platform was used to execute experiments in a VHF network by sending uniformly distributed data flows during seven different communication scenarios, either generated by a stochastic model or mobility models. The experimental results are used to discuss the military system’s performance by quantitative analysis using network metrics and the test scenario characterization through mobility metrics.
2022Published in IEEE Access volume 10 on pages 100939-100954. 10.1109/ACCESS.2022.3208283