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High-Precision Tracking of Periodic Signals: a Macro-Micro Approach with Quantized Feedback
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  • Aurelio Salton ,
  • Jeferson Vieira Flores ,
  • Jinchuan zheng ,
  • Minyue Fu
Aurelio Salton

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Jeferson Vieira Flores
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Jinchuan zheng
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Minyue Fu
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This paper proposes a novel control design method for high-precision positioning systems. The method aims to eliminate the tracking error caused by measurement quantization present in positioning systems with optical encoders. By employing a combined internal model based feedback and quantized feedforward design, we are able to make the output of the positioning system asymptotically track any input signal with one or more sinusoidal components of known frequencies and a possible constant component. When combined with a micro actuator, the resulting dual-stage positioning system is able to track any continuous periodic signal with a known period. Besides theoretical guarantees, the proposed design is validated experimentally and proved able to achieve asymptotic tracking error below ?1 ?m when subject to a sensor quantization level of 5 ?m.
Aug 2022Published in IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics volume 69 issue 8 on pages 8325-8334. 10.1109/TIE.2021.3109511