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Managing Cyber-Risk: Contracts, Litigation, Acquisitions & Procurement
  • Riccardo Storti
Riccardo Storti
Delta Group Engineering

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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An analysis of twenty (20) Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Technologies was executed in order to investigate how they may be applied to minimise the Cyber-Threats associated with ‘undefined requirements’ pertaining to Contracts, Litigation, Acquisitions & Procurement (CLAP). However, our analysis concludes that only one (1) COTS Technology is capable of achieving this objective (Testimation Technology); as demonstrated utilising four (4) Simplified Examples. One (1) Simplified Example pertaining to Contracts, demonstrates Cyber-Threat minimisation by precisely & unambiguously specifying the minimum level of Cyber-Confidence to be delivered & the maximum level of Cyber-Risk to be tolerated. Three (3) Simplified Examples pertaining to Litigation, Acquisitions & Procurement respectively, demonstrate Cyber-Threat minimisation by the application of a Decision Assistance Table (DAT) generated by this COTS Technology. All four (4) Simplified Examples presented, demonstrate how it is possible to Manage Cyber-Risk utilising a scientifically formulated tool which has been experimentally verified to Predict & Measure all forms of Cyber-Risk to greater than 98.07% accuracy.