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On The Design of Cost-efficient and Resilient Hierarchical Backhaul Networks
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  • Ahmed Abdelmoaty ,
  • Diala Naboulsi ,
  • Ghassan Dahman ,
  • Gwenael Poitau ,
  • Francois Gagnon
Ahmed Abdelmoaty
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Diala Naboulsi
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Ghassan Dahman
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Gwenael Poitau
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Francois Gagnon
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One of the most crucial aspects is modern commercial and tactical wireless networks is the capability of the network’s backhaul to forward that massive amount of traffic to the core network. Hence, the careful planning for a resilient and cost-efficient backhaul is compulsory. In this letter, we formulate and solve the problem of hierarchical wireless backhaul design. In our problem, we cover different requirements, namely: link reliability, network resiliency, and low management overhead. We have formulated the problem as Integer Linear optimization Problem (ILP). The results of our simulation in various network scenarios demonstrate the efficiency of our formulation in keeping the backhaul network simple, reliable and resilient. Using practical channel propagation model and nodes density that model wide range of cities, our results show that even with high resiliency requirements, the network traffic can be backhauled with only 5-10% of the nodes for the considered densities.