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TruckTrix® Path-Planning in the helyOS Operating System for Yard Automation
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  • Nikolay Belov ,
  • Carlos Eduardo Viol Barbosa ,
  • Felix Keppler ,
  • Julius Kolb ,
  • Gunter Nitzsche ,
  • Sebastian Wagner
Nikolay Belov
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Carlos Eduardo Viol Barbosa
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Felix Keppler
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Julius Kolb
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Gunter Nitzsche
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Sebastian Wagner
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In this paper we briefly introduce the helyOS operating system for remote operation of autonomous mobile machines and more precisely the TruckTrix-Path Service, which is used for path planning for yard automation solutions, introduced by Fraunhofer Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems. TruckTrix-Path provides the path planning for complex vehicle structures through critical narrows. Its extensions, developed specially for yard automation problems, adopt calculated trajectories for to be driven by a real automated truck. Alongside with other products of the TruckTrix-Family: TruckTrix-Coop, TruckTrix-Control and TruckTrix-Field it provides a fast and simple solution to control several automated vehicles on closed yards or fields.