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Planning, Optimisation and Evaluation of Small PtGtP Systems under current German market conditions
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  • Alexander August Ionnis Buchholz ,
  • Lucas Schmeling ,
  • Hilmer Heineke ,
  • Peter Klement ,
  • Benedikt Hanke ,
  • Karsten von Maydell
Alexander August Ionnis Buchholz
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Lucas Schmeling
KEHAG Energiehandel GmbH, KEHAG Energiehandel GmbH

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Hilmer Heineke
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Peter Klement
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Benedikt Hanke
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Karsten von Maydell
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In the course of the energy transition, distributed, hybrid energy supply concepts, such as the combination of PV and a battery storage system, are increasingly being used for economic and ecological reasons. However, electricity generation is often weather-dependent and the storage capacity of battery storage systems is limited. Nowadays, a new component is emerging for distributed energy supply: the PtGtP technology. It can be used for the long-term storage of electricity in the form of hydrogen. As this is still a fairly new application, methods for planning, design and operation are still missing. For this purpose, a tool is developed to simulate various sizes and combinations of technical systems on the basis of the oemof framework. The evaluation is based on a multi-criteria approach in the form of a Pareto front and is intended to provide the best possible support for the decision-making process. In order to gain further insights from this energy supply concept, a sensitivity analysis is then carried out, where key parameters are identified and their effects on the results are described. The methodology is demonstrated using a German dairy as an example and shows that PtGtP is currently not yet profitable but promising.